Use Tài jí for your well-being.

Alleviate stress and anxiety.

Feel calm and at ease.

Tài jí Life

Follow your path of personal growth


Do you help others before you help yourself?


Is the well-being of others your first priority?


Do you echo other people’s emotions?

Your sensitivity must be nurtured and protected.

This world needs more people of value like you

People who care

People with empathy and ethics of care

Are you looking out for yourself as well?

Remember the indispensable advice of any in-flight safety demonstration:

“First secure the oxygen mask around your own face before you help other passengers with their oxygen masks.”

You need and deserve time with yourself.

Time to nourish your roots, so that you can be anchored stronger for everyone around you. Time to heal.

Improve your own practice of daily life.

Tài jí Life

Movement lessons that allow you to come into yourself.

Invest money and time in yourself.

Reflect, change and grow.

Don’t ignore your own requirements
any longer.

Be generous to yourself.

Reflect on the causes of your own physical and emotional states to understand your story better.

Your emotional and spiritual life are rooted in your body. In your posture and the ways you move.

Change your movement habits with balance, fluidity and agility.

Your healing involves walking on a journey where you focus on self-discovery,
self-awareness and self-care.




Become attuned to your body and choose your own behaviour. You have a say in how your body responds to the people and events you encounter.

Feel calm and connected and experience a comforting sense of safety.

Being present in the moment keeps you connected in your daily life.

This is an unmissable opportunity to appreciate the essence of the world and
every breathtaking thing it contains.

FIND a more richly textured quality of LIFE.

Tài jí Life learning options

Exclusive programs that help you find your purpose in manageable steps and components.

Maple Walk Method

Rediscover the art of walking to find strength and balance.

Awaken and Breathe

Learn how to use the breath to support your movement.

Ground and

Become connected with the body.


Activate, invigorate and calm different areas of the body through movement.

This Moment, Tài jí

Focus the mind and become consciously present in the moment.


What is Tài jí?

Learn from scratch how to walk effectively.

Advance through the various courses to follow your own unique path of growth.

Awaken through physical releases and mental connections.

Open your life up to new possibilities and ground you to your true self.

What you get when you join Tài jí Life

A strong foundation to master the basics of movement through the Maple Walk Method.

No overburdening physical challenges and stresses. With Tài jí Life you manage what you learn and enjoy it.

Learning without retreats or sabbaticals. Tài jí Life is a preferred choice for clients who want accessibility and ease.

Regardless of your physical condition: marathon runners, moderately fit people and wheelchair users are all welcome.

Reach out and speak to Wendy about joining Tài jí Life.

Emotional benefits that are unlocked when you join Tài jí Life

Child-like amazement at your body’s flow and agility.

Being more connected to your authentic self.

Knowing the balance and stability of your body.

Experiencing a positive outlook on life.

Slowing down to see the world differently.

Make use of this opportunity to enquire about the benefits of Tài jí Life.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has decades of experience working alongside people on their journeys back into self-awareness. She has a calming effect on other people that allows them to regroup and recharge to face life’s challenges once again.

As a self-confessed highly sensitive person, Wendy is someone who notices details. Through her empathy, she has found her own way of empowering people with comfort and healing.

Wendy has earned Tài jí instructor certification from the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and Masich Internal Arts.

She has taught for tai chi centers, recreational programs, community events, in church basements and in parks, at women’s retreats, seniors’ residencies, in karate dojos and in the basement of her own home.

Tài jí Life represents the fruit of a lifelong dream.

Teach with an open heart and have a caring presence.

Wendy Williams

Who is Tài jí Life for?

People who want to…

Seek empowerment for self-confidence.

Do something meaningful for themselves.

Express themselves creatively to become more fulfilled.

Find a quiet way to CENTRE.

Move through a crossroads in their life.

Flourish and be energized.

Make meaningful connections with people who feel the same.

Feel better and healthier.

Who isn’t it for?

NOT for people who are looking for quick fixes and cure-alls.

The Tài jí Life journey is not a straight line.

The program is not a magic pill. And not a quick fix.

It takes time to practice and integrate what you learn.


Hear from other people who have experienced Tài jí Life to feel more calm, relaxed, aware and connected. Less pain. More enjoyment of life.

“With the daily practice, I now feel a thoughtless awareness of my posture. I improved my quad strength which helped. I feel sturdier, more centered physically and mentally, and the course gave me a newfound positivity to aging gracefully. I can’t thank you enough.”

Annie Charlebois

“Working with Wendy over the past few years has allowed me to increase my flexibility, my balance, my strength, as well as providing me with a safe space to work on my mindfulness. I truly appreciate being in Wendy’s world. She is incredible.”

Amanda Gobato

“I can really use the imagery that Wendy talks about in terms of the different points to see what different parts of my body are doing. And the other check I do is, “Am I relaxed right now?” And if I’m not, I do and I fix that point. I highly, highly recommend it.”

Ruth Lytle

You too can gain strength and be inspired.
In a space that’s patient and kind.

What you can expect from

Tài jí Life:

  • A tranquil online platform that gives you access to:

➛ Course videos for all the Tài jí Life resources.

➛ Live online classes with a community of fellow students.

➛ Informal walk and posture assessments.

➛ Question and feedback sessions.

➛ Discussion nights to collectively discover the ancient philosophy of Taoism.

➛ Personal calls to guide your practice routines.

The future vision of
Tài jí Life:

  • Exciting opportunities to interact in-person – depending on your preferences:

➛ Inperson classes, workshops and retreats.

➛ Encouragement to reach out to others in the community.

➛ Learning from acknowledged masters like Master Sam Masich.

➛ Practicing together with other students whenever possible.


How do I begin the Tài jí Life journey?

First by reaching out to us. Wendy will explain how the empowering Tài jí Life journey begins with relearning how to walk, through a technique called the Maple Walk Method.

How long a commitment does the Tài jí Life journey require from me?

Wendy will support you for as long or short as you want to participate. If clients respond positively and embrace the journey that gradually opens up for them, then she encourages them to make the necessary commitments over longer periods of time.

What will I learn when I join Tài jí Life?

To balance your weight properly through your feet and become more stable in your posture with techniques like the “horse stance”. To unlock your knees so that you can relax and free up your musculoskeletal system.

Is Tài jí just a physical activity? Or also an emotional and spiritual pursuit?

Everything you learn will be rooted in your newly awakened breathing. At first, the emphasis is on physicality and the body’s movements. Your personal journey can then take you on a path to emotional and spiritual growth.

Tài jí Life

Our dependability… And our promise:

Our dependability rests on us always being steadfast and trustworthy.

Our promise is that we have a keen desire to help you on your path.

Help. Motivation. Sincerity.

Creativity. Calmness.

We want you to feel seen, heard, and accepted.

Bring your body back into your life. And awaken your mind.

Please book your discovery call.

Because your journey awaits.

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