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What is Tài jí Life?

Manageable practices to add wellness to your day.

Tài jí Life provides online classes taught by Wendy with easy to follow videos in a casual and easy to understand format. Wendy teaches gentle, fluid movements that engage every muscle and joint in the body. These flowing sequences are relaxed, comfortable motions that will leave you feeling strong, calm, refreshed and revitalized. 

These slow and thoughtful forms of tài jí are based on the traditional Yang Family style of taijiquan as she has learned from the internationally renowned Master Sam Masich and his students.







Hi, I'm Wendy
and this is what I've learned:

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and worried. I know what it’s like to be the quiet one at the party. I know what it’s like to avoid crowded, noisy places. I know what it’s like to fear confrontation.

Although I didn't have obvious reasons to lack self-confidence, it wasn't always easy to be with other people when I preferred to be quiet, spend my time in nature and be inherently sensitive.

It often seemed that just as I was beginning to shine, someone would come along and blindside me. I'd let them knock me down. Way down. This was becoming a pattern throughout my life. Each step forward often had two steps back. But I kept going.

Little did I know, that my "hobby" was helping me get through far more than I realized. During one class, the teacher saw how I was holding my arms tensely and protectively in front of my heart. He softly said one word. 


The dawning came over me that he wasn't just referring to how I was practicing the form. That as I physically relaxed and softened my arms, I could allow for more flow in my body and life. When I began to consciously link my posture to my daily way of being, I noticed significant changes: 

I learned how to become more grounded, centred and connected with myself. I’ve become more at ease in crowds. More confident in dealing with others. More content with myself and have less performance anxiety. 

My secret is tài jí

I’m here to guide and facilitate these changes with you in a way that is manageable, playful, enriching and encouraging.


Let’s sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and chat about what gets in the way of your self-care and find a few simple solutions to help you thrive in your life. Book a time that works for you!

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What people think:

Rhona Smith
I’ve enjoyed my first Tai chi class with Wendy. She is a great teacher, patient and kind. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable while learning a new skill. Would definitely recommend Wendy as your teacher.
Marg Nauman
I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes. You are very kind, thoughtful and caring. You are always positive, encouraging and very cheerful. Thanks for your enthusiasm for teaching.
Pamela Doyle
I took Wendy’s Chair Tai Chi Class and was inspired by her knowledge and patience. I am 82 yrs and really enjoyed the class, Thank you