Awaken & Breathe

Ease into your day

Feeling calm, connected, and energized

Craving calm in your life? It's time. 

This sequence of movement and breath work can give your mind and body what it needs to awaken and breathe so your day can begin with clarity. 


The beauty of this is that it can be done anywhere


There is no floor or mat work involved. Everything is completed while standing or can be adapted to a chair and can be as gentle or as challenging as desired. 

In this easy-to-follow course, you will be guided through the sequence of movements with tutorials and practice videos so you can become comfortable with this routine. 

This practice is known as taiji neigong and is related to tai chi but can be learned by anyone with no previous experience necessary. 


I look forward to seeing you inside the course!



Learn in a beautiful setting

Enjoy the tutorial videos taken at Lac Beauchamp, Québec.

Nature is integral to Tài jí Life and we strive to be in it and bring it to you as much as possible. Although you may be in your living room or office watching the lessons on your laptop, your brain will still benefit from seeing and hearing the beauty of nature as you learn the movements of this sequence. Once you have learned this routine, you can easily practice it anywhere. I often practice this while looking out my bedroom window but imagine being at a cottage and going out to the dock at sunrise. 

What I love is that I can take this with me anywhere because it doesn't require any special clothing or equipment. Just me.

Is this for me?

What kind of movements are involved?

You can make this as easy or as challenging as you wish. Throughout this course, you are encouraged to adjust as needed for your body and to be gentle with yourself. You can adapt the movements as required. Your feet remain stationary with slight flexing of the knees or you can use a chair. Your arms extend to the sides and above your head and you are reminded to keep your shoulders relaxed. There is a slow turning of the neck and spine to look to your side or behind you as well as a forward bend. Both of these are meant to be completed at your pace and comfort level. Over time, your suppleness, mobility and flexibility will increase. If you have neck, shoulder, spine or any joint concerns, you may wish to consult a health professional regarding these movements.


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About your Instructor

Wendy Williams

I’m Wendy Williams and I am so glad you’re here! I love introducing people to the very beneficial practices and simple little things found in tài jí that can alter how we move through our everyday life. Tài jí is physically and mentally satisfying for those who crave deeper levels of meaning and connection for health on all levels. I live in Québec, Canada where I’m very fortunate to attend classes at the Gilles-Vaillant Tai Chi Centre. Here, I am surrounded by very dedicated teachers and students where we learn together and participate in workshops by Master Sam Masich. 

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and learn to feel calm, connected and energized


Awaken & Breathe

Course curriculum 


1. Welcome to the course!
  • Meet your instructor
  • Preview the full routine
  • Tips for learning while seated
  • Watch this before you begin!

2. Learn the Routine
  • Tutorial: moves 1 - 12
  • Practice: moves 1 - 12
  • Tutorial: moves 13 - 21
  • Practice: moves 13 - 21
  • Practice: full routine
  • Practice: full routine while seated (optional)
  • Create your daily regime

3. Next Steps...
  • Breathing with full routine
  • Taiji Neigong background information
  • Congratulations!

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What people say...

Now is probably a good time! Doug Leitch
Surprising and completely happily amazing. I did not understand that what I thought of as great balance was not even close, and through Tai Chi training with Wendy I now move about not just through the training exercises but through life with a new understanding and sense of balance. If you have not absorbed this into your life, now is probably a good time!
Patient and kind Rhona Smith
I’ve enjoyed my first Tai chi class with Wendy. She is a great teacher, patient and kind. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable while learning a new skill. Would definitely recommend Wendy as your teacher.
Compassionate and intuitive Ida Mascarin
I thoroughly enjoy attending classes with Wendy. This was my first time taking Tai Chi classes. I was nervous and anxious when I went to my first class. The moment I met Wendy she put me at ease. She is a very compassionate and intuitive instructor. Wendy follows up with us and sends videos to help us continue to learn and develop. I recommend Wendy as an instructor.