Tài jí

"The supreme ultimate, the undifferentiated whole of the universe sorted into yin and yang." 

Falk Dictionary of Martial Arts

What is Tài jí?

There is much more to it than you may imagine.

Tài jí (tai chi) is an ancient physical activity using natural, intelligent movements to produce flow in your body, quiet your mind and calm your emotions. 

Although developed as a martial art in China, the incredible benefits for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being has been discovered and shared throughout the world. 

You are better able to deal with life and personal challenges by utilizing the tool of tài jí as a means to cope with emotional inner conflicts and interpersonal interactions through mind and body awareness, development, focus, and concentration to deal with everyday life situations.

What is Tài jí Life?

Manageable practices to add wellness to your day.

Tài jí Life provides online classes taught by Wendy with easy to follow videos in a casual and easy to understand format. Wendy teaches gentle, fluid movements that engage every muscle and joint in the body. These flowing sequences are relaxed, comfortable motions that will leave you feeling strong, calm, refreshed and revitalized. 

These slow and thoughtful forms of tài jí are based on the traditional Yang Family style of taijiquan that she has learned from the internationally renowned Master Sam Masich and his students. 

Your experience is enriched with meaningful context of related philosophy and background to each course. You will find this to be a calm and engaging online environment with no pop-up ads, additional music or distractions. The tutorials are often set in the beautiful outdoors yet you can learn and practice in the comfort of your own home or on the go with any mobile device. 

A growing list of online courses are available so you can step in at the beginning with complete yet manageable routines to build upon and add to your life.

My Journey

Hi, I'm Wendy

and this is what I've learned:

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and worried. I know what it’s like to be the quiet one at the party. I know what it’s like to avoid crowded, noisy places. I know what it’s like to fear confrontation.

Although I didn't have obvious reasons to lack self-confidence, it wasn't always easy to be with other people when I preferred to be quiet, spend my time in nature and be inherently sensitive.

It often seemed that just as I was beginning to shine, someone would come along and blindside me. I'd let them knock me down. Way down. This was becoming a pattern throughout my life. Each step forward often had two steps back. But I kept going.

Little did I know, that my "hobby" was helping me get through far more than I realized. During one class, the teacher saw how I was holding my arms tensely and protectively in front of my heart. He softly said one word. 


The dawning came over me that he wasn't just referring to how I was practicing the form. That as I physically relaxed and softened my arms, I could allow for more flow in my body and life. When I began to consciously link my posture to my daily way of being, I noticed significant changes: 

I learned how to become more grounded, centred and connected with myself. I’ve become more at ease in crowds. More confident in dealing with others. More content with myself and have less performance anxiety. 

My secret is tài jí. 

I’m here to guide and facilitate these changes with you in a way that is manageable, playful, enriching and encouraging. Are you ready to join me? Click the link below.

Wendy's professional path

Wendy has combined her creativity with teaching in various modalities throughout her career.

Wendy Williams is the president, teacher and creative heart of Tài jí Life. Wendy has provided classes, workshops and special event demonstrations throughout her career. She received her Taijiquan Teacher Certification from Masich Internal Martial Arts in 2015 and Tài jí Instructor Certification from the Canadian Federation of Taijiquan in 2014. Wendy helped develop Headwaters School of Tai Chi in 2012 where she implemented a study of anatomy and Eastern philosophy. Her first introduction to Tài jí was through the Taoist Tai Chi Society in 1993. 

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Education from York University in Toronto, Ontario, 1993. Her career began as a teacher for the public school board, followed by full-time mural painting until 2002 when she remained home with her two children. While her children were young, she also created a face painting business which included many public and private events as well as providing workshops for Artists in the Schools. This gave Wendy the opportunity to continue working with people while developing her business skills. 

Wendy currently lives in Gatineau, Quebec where she continues her own studies of tài jí through the Gilles-Vaillant Tai Chi under Masich Internal Arts Method by Master Sam Masich.

It's time.

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