Is worry, stress, or pain negatively impacting your life?

How tài jí can help you.

Yes, there are many physical benefits but there's so much more:

Learning tài jí will help you:

  • To feel less stress and more calm and at ease within yourself and with others.

  • To feel stronger, more stable, and more confident in your body. 

  • To activate your brain and engage your mind. 

  • To experience a deeper, more enriching connection to yourself and life. 

  • To learn a practice that you can continue and deepen for the rest of your life. It’s not something you will ever have to give up. You’ll only get better at it as you get older.

There's more to tài jí than meets the eye!

  • It coordinates our mind, movement, and breath and makes us highly aware of ourselves as a whole, intricate, fascinating, strong, and agile being. 

  • It’s a live and fluid practice that integrates itself into our core, over time, in a deeply satisfying way. 

  • It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a straight line. You develop patience as you learn movements over time and turn them from flailing arms and awkward steps to refined, cursive movements. 

With Tài jí Life, you can learn on the go!

Enjoy live, online classes and practice along with your video library.

Learn at home, at the office or just about anywhere, any time.

  • Live, online classes provide real-time feedback.

  • Prefer to get started on your own? Video courses will guide you through foundational learning.

  • Feel invigorated, yet calm and refreshed without needing a change of clothes, equipment or a large amount of space.

Tài jí Life is a calm path guiding you to learn physical practices that will help you ground, breathe, and self-connect so you can better handle the daily stresses of life. It’s both an ancient art and an evolved way of being.

Hi, I'm Wendy Williams

I teach tài jí and I’m here to take this journey along with you. There are some basic things to learn first; some guiding principles, sequences of movement and some terminology.

I will help you integrate this highly beneficial practice into your life. Not just during your class time but infusing it into all of your actions and steeped into your daily life.

We each have our own personal journey. Our own gifts and talents, our own ways of being in this world. I don’t believe there is only one answer. 

There are many paths and maybe this one is for you.


See what people are saying about Tài jí Life
Patient and kind

Rhona Smith

"I've enjoyed my first Tai chi class with Wendy. She is a great teacher, patient and kind. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable while learning a new skill. Would definitely recommend Wendy as your teacher."

Gain strength

Catherine Glynn

"I have taken Yang 8 with Wendy twice. She is very patient and enthusiastic. Taiji is a nice, gentle way to exercise and gain strength. Great teacher!"


Pamela Doylуе

"I took Wendy's Chair Tai Chi Class and was inspired by her knowledge and patience. I am 82 yrs and really enjoyed the class, Thank you."

Are you ready for a change?

Simple, daily practices to help you feel grounded and connected to your body so you can experience calm, quiet confidence.